Some Reasons Why Italian Food is Good For Your Health

Italian cuisine was developed over centuries, influenced by cuisines of neighboring countries. Joint Italy appeared on the map of Europe just over 100 years ago, thanks to which Italy’s national cuisine has absorbed the best of the Liguria, Milan, Sicily, Naples, Calabria and other cuisines. Contemporary Italian cuisine can be conditionally divided into north and south, the main difference – seasonings used northern and southern chefs to cook the same dishes.

Although Italian cuisine is mostly based on pizzas and pastas, Italians almost never get fat and even live longer in comparison with others. Strange thing right? Let’s try to make everything clear by talking about some inevitable products of Italian cuisine.

Among specialists, nutritionists are waging a brutal battle on the admissibility of pasta for a healthy diet. Majorities is strongly against. Pasta is accused that she contributes to obesity, contain “empty” calories and is in general useless. And yet this product does not disappear from the table of athletes, including bodybuilders.

Like other flour products, pasta is a primarily source of carbohydrates. Most of them are starch, having a glycemic index of medium to high. However, its value depends strongly on the composition of pasta, varieties used for making flour and cooking regime. Adding protein and especially the eggs dramatically reduce the glycemic index, and slow down digestion of starch and reduce the increment in insulin levels. Unfortunately, there is no fiber in pasta, with the exception of products made from durum wheat flour.

Different varieties of pasta can contain up to 12 percent protein. Alas, this is largely inferior vegetable protein, deficient in lysine. However, the addition of eggs increases its nutritional value, practiced as well as enrichment of pasta with protein. Naturally, noodles, made from other grains, will have a slightly different amino acid composition.

The content of fat in the pasta is usually low. Exception – Chinese Kuksa or its analogues, produced in Vietnam. The energy value of pasta is very high. In addition, various additives can optimize the composition of the diet. This introduces a variety of food needed. For athletes are suitable mainly those sorts of pasta, in which there are protein supplements. Also, it makes sense to use products made from flour of the lower classes with a high content of fiber.

Another famous Italian product is the olive oil – the only oil that is absorbed by the body to 100 percent. First, olive oil is an excellent natural remedy for prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It contains a complex of vitamins (A, D, E) and monounsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce the level of harmful cholesterol. Secondly, due to the presence of vitamin E and other antioxidants olive oil effectively prevents premature fading of the organism. And welcome, both internal and external use it. Third, the oil helps to heal stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, improves the activity of the stomach, intestines, pancreas and liver. Read more indo click Ristorante Pavarotti

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